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About Me

Welcome to my page. 

I am a nano content creator on Instagram and tik tok and my niche is in mindfulness, holistic healing and conscious living. I believe in and promote what you eat becomes you. My brand values are authenticity, building trust through storytelling. My purpose is to educate and entertain my followers that ultimately results in 15 - 20 % average engagement a week. 90% of my followers are women in their 30s and 40s and I aim to inspire to be the best version of themselves in their everyday lives.

I work with a charitable non-profit that serves children. I live with my husband and a cat in a small town in Northern Alberta, Canada.

When I am not working, you will find me binge-watching historic drama or thrilling fantasies or with my nose into a contemporary romance or YA fantasy.


Poems by Jamal-e-Fatima

My poems in response to recent events:

"the streets of Beirut will forever be marked

with the rumble, the cries,

the blood, the sweat,

the chaos, the fear.

But for longer they will remember

the rescues, the cleanup,

the hands that lifted

in prayers, in unity,

in faith,

that came from around the world

and took Beirut in its embrace."

in the wake of Aug. 4, 2020 blast in Beirut.

Tall, green, slim and lean

a single blade on a massive field

think if it didn't stand tall,

and wasn't joined by a million of others,

who didn't share the stall?

where would the rest of the blades be?

where would the field be?

in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests and walks ~ April 2020.

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