• Jamal Rafat

How to add holistic ways of healing into your daily routine?

Did you know that I enjoy doing yoga?

I may not be good at it and I may not do it regularly but every few weeks, I come back to it.


How I found yoga is due to the fact that high energy fitness routines never motivated me.😬

I always felt overwhelmed by them. So one day, six years ago, I just decided to sign up for a class in my neighbourhood at that time and fell in love with it.

So much so that I used to make yoga mat bags and slings. I eased into the practice over the years.


The truth is everyone is different. There are some bodies that relax by moving profusely...and there are some bodies that relax by sitting still. I am one of the latter ones.

Over the years, there are a few things I added, inspired by holistic medicine and ayurvedic measures in my everyday life that have been working for me. These may or may not work for you. But how would you know until you start? Our bodies are sacred vessels given as Amanah / a gift given in trust by our Creator.


Every body is different. Learn to listen to it, respect it and love it.


  1. Use essential oils to diffuse in your room where you spend most of the time, once a day.

  2. Add some sort of meditiation to your weekly routine.

  3. Massage your feet with a seasonal oil before going to bed.

  4. Soak yourself in a warm bath once in amonth. Try to stay away from checmially-made bath bombs and salts and use only epsom salt and organic essential oils.

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