• Jamal Rafat

How to preserve uncarved pumpkins?

Everyday we are learning.

This fall, after watching a what felt like a million fall porch decorations, I convinced myself to decorate mine too. What started was a spiral down the dark tunnel of learning to decorate with pumpkins and wreath and hay.

Very quickly I got overwhelmed, only to realize its not about how many pumpkins I put on my porch, its about trying it for the first time.

Off I went to buy pumpkins. I got two from Superstore and let them sit on my porch for a week. Very quickly I observed them going pale. Then I looked for ways to preserve uncarved pumpkins for longer and here’s what I came up with:

1. Thoroughly wash your pumpkins with water removing all dirt. Use a garden hose if available. If not, use a sponge or a soft scrubber.

2. Secondly, give your pumpkins a vinegar bath. Add one third portion of vinegar in a tub of water. Either submerge the pumpkin in it or take a sponge and give it a bath.

3. Last step, apply a thin film of petroleum jelly all over the pumpkin. Give it a nice run until they shine under your eyes.

Add some greenery. I used dried eucalyptus and tied it with twine. Layer them up like I did or stack them near your door. Keep it simple and fun.

They look so cute, don’t they?

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