• Jamal Rafat

Never would I have ever thought...

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

After joining the self published authors' community, I was introduced to the small business community, many of who were muslim entreprenuers. Then came the onrushing sales pitch for Ramadan and Eid products. I denied getting sucked into the plethora of seasonal items and yet one weekend I put my designing and self publishing skills and expereince together, and created my first-ever Ramadan prodcut; a Ramadan Journal.

Then came the pre-launch and pithcing and boosting my promotion on social media. At first I thought, just being able to sell a dozen planners will be worth the effort. I set my prelaunch for 25 planners. When I inched closer to that target, I increased it to 30. Lo and behold, I reached that target on my Etsy store. All my outside of Alberta jornals have been dispatched and all of them except for two have been delivered. The last two are on their way. My bulk order for Alberta order is delayed crossing the US-CA border but its moving gradually closer. It may not arrive before Ramadan starts but it will get to it's righful destination in the first few days of the month.

Never in a million years, I would have thought (a) I will get into the seasonal market with a seasonal product and (b) I will be able to have a successful prelaunch. I have learnt time and time again, once you have good intentions and do the work, leave teh rest to the Creator. He will take care of it for you. Once I abadoned my trust in Him, the community came rushing to support my prelaunch.

It never fails to amaze me how much potential human beings have and how little we estimate it to be.


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