• Jamal Rafat

Quick & Easy Quinoa Salad for days

It is a universal fact that an average women wears five different hats everyday. Juggling so many different roles in life get you extremely busy. When you are that busy, the first person you sacrifice is yourself as a result of which good eating choices go out the window.

Today I am sharing my tip that has been my saving grace for years of hustling and learning.

The trick is to make a whole batch for five working days of the week and you can have a portion each day saving you time during your busy days. This quinoa salad is loaded with protein and good fats to keep you full and energized for the most hectic time of your day and when your body needs the most fuel.


🧅Batch cooking not only saves you time but also ensures you eat better instead of feeding your body the first snack you see at a store or in your pantry, that may not be the best choice to keep you energized.

Remember, what you eat, becomes you. Here's how I made my quinoa salad:


2 tablespoons olive oil & lemon juice

Salth & pepper to taste

Mix well and set aside


1 yellow/red bell pepper

2 small cucumber

A handful of cherry tomatoes

A quarter of an onion

**All chopped**

A cup of boiled quinoa, let it cool before mixing it well with the chopped veges, then add the dressing.

Garnish with cilantro.

Storing tip: Store in a glass container to keep it fresh for five days.


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