• Jamal Rafat

Raspberry Leaf Tea - a natural pain relief

One of the recent discoveries I made in my effort to combat period cramps is the red raspberry leaf tea.

It sounds too good to be true when I tell you that having a cup of raspberry tea a few days before the onset of your period will significantly lessen your period cramps but its nothing but the truth.

Tried and tested.

Why Raspberry Leaf Tea?

  • Raspberry leaf cleanses the blood of the excess hormone and minimizes any hormonal imbalance.

  • Containing both fragarine (female toner) and tannins (a natural binder), this tea will aid you in your combat against PMS symptoms such as cramps, nausea and diarrhea.

How it helps?

  • Before aunt flo arrives, it helps your uterus prepare for the onset of periods, easing it into bleeding.

  • For heavy bleeders, this tea helps to tighten the muscles in your pelvic region which also helps to reduce the cramps that are caused by spasms.

How to take it?

Either drink once or twice a day in hot water. Start taking it before your period and drink it throughout your period.

I drink mine just plain in hot water and sometimes with a smidge of honey if I am in the mood for something sweet.


Raspberry Leaf tea should not be confused with raspberry tea that is easily available at grocery stores. Usually raspberry leaf teas are available at local organic stores or can be bought online.

Traditional Medicinals is one brand that I highly recommend. I got mine at a local organic store.

Try it to believe it.

You have nothing to lose. ~ Jamal

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