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The Return of the Turmeric Latte or Haldi Doodh

Urdu /Hindi speakers will know what haldi doodh is and almost all South Asian cultures would have heard the reference or even seen the wiser generation use some form of it.

For the rest of the world, yes we are talking about the golden milk called Turmeric Latte.

A year ago, on my journey to understanding my cycle better and adjusting my daily diet to combat period cramps, I rediscovered turmeric latte.

Turmeric latte plays a huge role in women’s monthly period dealing with PMS, irregular periods, harsh menstrual cramps and bloating. Here are five reasons why?

  1. Study shows that the main ingredients of turmeric latte are Emmenagogoues i.e they stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus which helps in inducing periods.

  2. Turmeric is known as anti-inflammatory spice that causes less severe menstrual cramps and relieve joint or muscle pains.

  3. It is also great for reducing water retention and bloating that is commonly experienced during periods.

  4. It also shown to boost mood and reduce depression which may be sometimes Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

  5. Turmeric remarkably leads to a positive effect on irregular periods as it regulates and support estrogen level.

It is suggested to take turmeric latte in the third week or luteal phase of your cycle when you body is getting ready to bleed and you may continue it till 1 - 2 days of bleed. I generally take half a cup of it with this brand; Grenera, that I found on Amazon.

How to take it?

This particular pack comes with a tiny spoon and as it is extremely spicy for me, I take 1/2 a spoon of it in drinkable warm milk.

One recommendation is to take it in moderation and listening to how your body reacts to it.

Do tell me below if this post was beneficial for you.

~ Jamal ~

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